The Woodland Owners of Clarion - Allegheny Valley is a forum for private forest landowners in Clarion, Forest, Jefferson, Armstrong, Butler and Venango counties.

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Board Meeting Minutes

WOCAV Board Meeting Minutes – March 3, 2020

Present: Duane and Lana Harriger, John and Norma Liebenguth, Joe Lowrie, Max Lowrie, Jim Ross, Lee Swoger, Jackie & Dennis Waldorf, Lisa Waldorf

President Max Lowrie called the meeting to order at 6:33 p.m.


The January 2020 meeting was canceled.


Treasurer Joe Lowrie changed the amount for door prizes in his November 2019 report from $33 to $108.61. Joe moved to accept the amended minutes; Jackie seconded and the motion passed.


Treasurer’s Report:


Treasurer Joe Lowrie reported.

Previous Balance, as of 11/15/19: $2,687.71
Income: $75 (Memberships)

Expenses: $232 ($156 to John Liebenguth, WIX website hosting fee; $33 to Joe, stamps; $43 to Jane, Holiday Party catering)
New Balance, as of March 3, 2020: $2,530.71                

Membership for 2019-2020: 7 new + 53 renewals (30 Family, 29 Individual, 1 Assoc.) = 60 total


Norma moved to accept the report, Jim seconded and the motion carried unanimously.


Old Business:

  1. Website: the group thanked John Liebenguth for setting up the new site.

  2. Holiday Party: The party was well received – the group thanked Jane for coordinating. The videos were a good length (up to 30 min.).

  3. Landowners’ Conference: Overall good feedback. Lee pointed out that the Stewardship Committee, who now has no budget, had been tasked with obtaining door prizes. It was agreed that WOCAV would be more involved. Lee will share results of survey once he receives.

  4. Program Flyer: Lee was commended on the flyer. Max will edit to indicate members only events (picnic and Holiday Party) and will include a bio for the bluebird presenter.

New Business:

  1. Blue Bird Program, 3/28: Lee secured Harry Schmeider, the “Ambassador for the Bluebirds” to present. Lee will request more kits from Clarion County Game Commission. Any leftover boxes could be used for door prizes. Jim will bring a Phillips driver and protective covering for the tables. Max will send e-mail reminder mid-month.

  2. Wildflower Walk, 5/9: has been set for Jennings Environmental Center.

  3. Timber Sale 101/Field Tour, 6/27: will be held at Freeman’s as a half-day morning program. Max will contact John D. to secure date.

  4. Joe suggests having Tricia from the conservation district conduct a session on invasives in August. She can do this if she receives a grant.

  5. Annual Members’ Picnic, 9/12: Since this is more social and less educational, Lee shortened the hours to 11:00-2:00. He received permission to have the fire. Coffee & donuts will be eliminated.

  6. Walk in Penn’s Woods, 10/3: Lee described an easy, unstructured morning on his property which will include lunch.

  7. Members’ Holiday Party: Max encouraged the group to look for short videos.

  8. Jim referenced the carbon talk given at the landowners’ conference. The American Forest Foundation program is currently going to Elk, Cameron, Potter and McKean counties.

  9. Max asked if anyone had a nomination for the 2020 Contribution to Forestry Award.


Joe moved to adjourn the meeting, Jackie seconded. The meeting adjourned at 7:36 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Norma Liebenguth

Next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, May 5, 2020 at 6:30 p.m.

Past board meeting minutes: