Board Meeting Minutes

WOCAV Board Meeting Minutes – May 5, 2020

Present (via Zoom because of coronavirus pandemic): John Daugherty, Layne Giering, John and Norma Liebenguth, Joe Lowrie, Max Lowrie, Gene Metcalf, Jim Ross, Jane and George Schmader, Lee Swoger, Jackie Waldorf, Stacy Wolbert

President Max Lowrie called the meeting to order at 6:33 p.m.

The group agreed to dispense with the reading of the March 2020 minutes.


Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer Joe Lowrie reported.

Previous Balance, as of 3/3/2020: $2,530.71
Income: $65 (Memberships)


Expenses: $0
New Balance, as of May 5, 2020: $2,595.71          


Membership for 2019-2020: 7 new + 56 renewals (32 Family, 30 Individual, 1 Assoc.) = 63 total Joe reported that about seven people have already paid for next year.


John D. moved to accept the report, Gene seconded and the motion carried unanimously.


Old Business:


Since all programs have been canceled because of the pandemic, there was no Old Business.

New Business:

  1. Since programs have been canceled, Joe motioned that members who have paid at this point will be paid up through 2021. Gene seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

  2. George nominated Max for the 2020 Contribution to Forestry award. Layne seconded and the group unanimously agreed. A name, which will remain anonymous for the minutes, was agreed upon for 2021. A list of prior recipients is being produced.

  3. The group was receptive to Max’s suggestion to solicit the membership for videos, photos and stories for a members’ section of the website and newsletter. Once Max creates a subpage on the website, John L. will upload some of the older information and then Max will solicit new information. Jim took pictures of projects he’s been working on for his management plan. The group agreed that this type of story might give people the idea to document what they’re doing as well.

George is looking for someone to take over the newsletter. He will produce the next issue, published the first week of July, and needs articles and photos.

Other Business:

  1. Lee alerted that any work he does for WOCAV on behalf of the State as well as material or other expense using State resources (like printing, for example) must be approved. Most likely, the picnic as well as use of the meeting room should be okay. He emphasized that as a WOCAV member he will continue to help the organization.

  2. Jim asked about the lead time needed to cancel the June 27 Timber Sale program if needed. Max said we’d have to decide by early June to cancel or promote. As the Governor is moving many counties to “yellow” on May 8th, loosening the outside gatherings to 25 people or fewer, it was suggested to limit the program to the first 25 who register. John D will contact the PA Tree Farm Program for information about insurance for the program.

Gene motioned, Joe seconded and the Zoom meeting adjourned at 7:28 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Norma Liebenguth          Next meeting: Tuesday, July 7, 2020 at 6:30 p.m.

Past board meeting minutes:


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