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The Woodland Owners Of Clarion - Allegheny Valley is a forum for  private landowners in Clarion, Forest, Jefferson, Armstrong, Butler, and Venango counties. 


Private landowners own approximately 12 million acres of the forested land in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  More than 90,000 families or individuals own 5 acres or more of forested land.  Collectively, all these landowners manage 70% of the forest resources that make up Pennsylvania.


If you are among those who own forested land, you probably have many questions concering its health or value and even long term sustainablility.  WOCAV will assist you in finding the answers.



To promote forest stewardship through educational programs, demonstrations, and the sharing of other woodland owners experieces. 

WOCAV is a forum to exchange information about the practical applications of Best Management Practices, using the experiences of its members, as well as the DCNR Bureau of Forestry, Penn State Extension, Clarion County Forest Stewardship Committee and local forest professionals. 


The collective sharing of practical first hand experiences will enable members to establish goals and confidently manage their woodlot to meet their objectives. 


The benefits of sustainable forestry practices gained and applied now will guarantee environmentally healthy and beautiful forests for our use, enjoyment and that of future generations.

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